New and interested in Bitcoin? Want £10 to start?

  • 18+
  • From the UK
  • Have a form of ID
Bitcoin Pioneers Luno
Bitcoin Pioneers works alongside the Luno app
  1. Download the Luno app
  2. Sign up
  3. Verify with ID — super quick!
  4. When verification is accepted, enter the code in the photo below.
Luno UK referral code £10
Apply code BPBPERRYMAN10 to the Luno app for £10 (as shown above).
  • Bitcoin Pioneers: I’m part of a select community called Bitcoin Pioneers. We drive adoption and understanding of Bitcoin across the UK. I can offer my £10 Luno code through the Bitcoin Pioneers community.
  • Jason Deane: LinkedIn & Medium : An established key-player in Bitcoin who is spearheading the Bitcoin Pioneers ambassador program, working alongside Harry Horsfall in the Luno team.
  • Luno: Official website
Luno Bitcoin Referral Code BPBPERRYMAN10



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Ben Perryman: Bitcoin Pioneer

Ben Perryman: Bitcoin Pioneer

Bitcoin Pioneer: Working alongside Luno, I help drive the understanding of Bitcoin across the UK in a beginner friendly way.